Where are you? Spiritual Awakening

by | Feb 27, 2021

Lost in the woods?

WHERE ARE YOU?   Spiritual Awakening

Genesis 3:8-9)

And they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God among the trees of the garden.

Then the Lord God called to Adam and said to him, “Where are you?”

This personal and direct question is the first one recorded that God ever asked of man, and it is the question He puts to individual men and women today. 

God knew exactly where they were and what they were doing/had done because God is both omniscient and omnipresent

  • God was not searching for Adam, He already knew where he was.
  • God also knew what Adam had done and knows the future result of Adam’s actions.
  • God asks us the same question He asked Adam, Where are you?


This question means ‘How do you stand before God 

What is your spiritual condition?’ 

The fact that it is God Himself who asks the question makes it vitally important that we face up to it, and answer it honestly.

The God the Creator asks, “Where are you?”

It means, are you standing and living as the old creation (Adam) or  the new (Christ)

Adam is the head of the old creation, Jesus is the head of the new creation. 

So “Where are you?” in the light of 2Cor5:17

“in Adam” or  “in Christ”?”


God against whom they have sinned asks, “Where are you?” In terms of way of life. Sin & morality

“Where are you?”- you are either saved or lost, because there is no in-between position.

God from whom they were hiding asks, “Where are you?”

Genesis 3:7-10 tells us of the efforts that Adam and Eve made to hide from God. Of course, no-one can hide from Him. 

Please read Psalm 139:1-12

Proverbs 15:3 The eyes of the Lord are in every place,
Keeping watch on the evil and the good.

Jeremiah 23:24 Can anyone hide himself in secret places,
So I shall not see him?” says the Lord;
“Do I not fill heaven and earth?” says the Lord  

All over the world people are trying to hide from God – to hide behind excuses for not loving Him and for not serving Him;

Adam & Eve were behind some tree, but no tree, no excuse, nothing, can hide us from the all-seeing eye of God. Hebrews 4:13  And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account. 

God to whom you must give account asks, “Where are you?”

Are you dressed in fig leaves or garments of skin?

Compare Genesis 3:21with Genesis 3:7. 

The fig leaves which Adam and Eve sewed together speak of our own righteousness which is never acceptable before God (Isaiah 64:6).

but the garments of skin tell us that an animal had been killed, the blood had been shed, 

God Himself had made provision for His children to be clothed.

So are you dressed in fig leaves, trusting in your own merit for acceptance before God, or are you dressed in garments of skin, which speak of God’’s gracious provision and righteousness provided in the gift of His Son? 

“Where are you?”


God who loves and seeks you asks, “Where are you?”

Listen for the tenderness, the compassion and the concern in this question that God asks of His children. Gen 3:9

In this three-word question there is a DEEP proof of God’s love. 


God is watching you every moment of every day.  God is observing you every moment of every day.  God is interacting in your life every moment of every day.  God knows the choices we make, even before we make them.  God knows the motivation of our choices, even if we try to deceive ourselves.  God knows the outcome of our choices.  God also knows the future impact of our choices.


So, when the doors of the church are open, Where are you?


So, when your Bible sits closed on the table, Where are you?


When seats go unfilled at prayer meeting, Where are you?


When He calls for Sunday morning prayers before services, Where are you?




Written By Praise

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