Our Ministries

We believe everyone has a talent, a skill, an ability that can support the body of Christ.

Awesome Grace

Worship in music – Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual songs.

Our heart is what God seeks

NuGen - Youth Church

Joseph, Esther, David and Daniel made impact right from their teenage years and we believe every young person has great potential in life and in Christ.

JEDD Generation!

Praise Media

Making the gospel digitally accessible is the goal of this ministry and you are welcomed to employ technology to propagate the gospel.

TV Multimedia plus Sound

Men & Women Fellowships

Our men and women continually fellowship with each other and in groups to build the person, the family and the community.  You can find a place here.

Establishing the home

Cornerstone Church

Young and wanting more of God? Are you between 21 – 32 years?

Visit a session and decide

Hospitality/Welcome Team

Love meeting new people and making them more comfortable?  Then this is the place for you.

First Impressions!

Junior Church 3+

We believe the foundations on which we build matters therefore we invest in our children by teaching them the Bible in simple and creative ways that makes them understand and love the Lord.  Starts from age 3.

Building Foundations

Elders Fellowship

The wisdom of the elders, particularly in Christ should not be ignore hence our elders are relevant and supportive.

Praying Knees, Wise Words


Continuous training should be part of our Christian journey and we offer various trainings that encourage each member to study to show themselves approved.

Sunday School

Learning together in interactive sessions every Sunday. You can ask questions and provide answers to others. No age limit.

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