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Following government guidance on the ease on the lockdown, we have put appropriate measures in place to ensure we can resume our services on-premise.

We have resumed physical meeting, ONLY Sunday services, and continue to stream our services online.

To ensure we continue to be Covid-compliant, you need to register in order to attend  any service.

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Our Mission & Vision

Proclaiming Jesus and Maturing Believers 

The Church has a great focus on prayer, worship and seeking the truth that is in the Word of God. Praise Tabernacle exists to release the gift that God has placed within you and unfold the specific plan He has for your life. This church is a place where you will grow, a place where you will be engaged, enthused and empowered to overcome life circumstances.

Praise Tabernacle is a place where people of all races, culture, and
gender find love, hope, and fulfilment in Christ Jesus and attain their God-ordained destiny.

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I Can See You Mr Flesh (Part1)

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Tithe: To Pay or Not To Pay?

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Activate Your PASSWORD

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Tiredness (Fatigue)

Tiredness or fatigue means having less energy than usual, you feel exhausted physically, mentally or both. It’s a normal...

Spiritual Awakening

What does the term spiritual awakening mean? It stands to reason that for there to be an awakening, there must have been a...

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