Glory of His Resurrection

by | Apr 4, 2021

Glory of His Resurrection by Nosa Osadolor

Our Lord Jesus was born, lived, bruised, died on the cross and resurrected on the third day for you and me in order to save us from our sins and transgressions.

The need to have an understanding of what the Glory of his Resurrection represents,
I will define separately what we understand by Glory and Resurrection.

What is Glory – It is one of those important words that is hard to really explain.
However, we can understand it better if we look at it in three dimensions.

Concrete: Is something real, something we can see, hear or touch.
Abstract: It can also be abstract in the sense of not been able to touch.

Action: It can also be used as an Action verb. “We are to Glory in God” which means that we are ex- pressing our admiration and praise for the excel- lency we see,

What is Resurrection-
It is the overcoming or surmounting of death.
It is a reawakening or rebirth.
The acceptance of oneself.
Finally, we can also say it is the acceptance of the Holy Spirits interpretation of the world’s purpose. The Glory of his Resurrection is a beautiful thing we need to go out and educate individuals. We need people to have an understanding and a form of belonging with Christ.

The first step is by teaching them about the life of Jesus and the Resurrection. And the only way we can succeed is by going out to evangelize.
I remember reading a story of a man carrying the cross in the market place of England, a lady rushed up to him and asked “what happened to that Man” and he asked which Man “Oh you Know Jesus”

then she explained there is Christmas and it’s about its birth, then there is Easter and he died on the cross and was resurrected I never heard what happened to him after that.
The man had to give her the full message of Jesus and how he ascended and will come again.

Brothers and Sisters we have learnt, heard and watched stories about the life of Jesus Christ, but have we gone further to talk about the glory of his resurrection, just as the woman in the story had asked what happened after.

I believe it is a clarion call to every individual to make it as a point of duty to go out and spread the news about the Glory of his resurrection and how we are benefiting from it which are:

The Forgiveness of our sins
Redeemed and we can now walk in a new life
Our Faith is well founded.
Also to demonstrate to us that He has Power over Death.

In Conclusion, it is safe for us to say that the Glory of his resurrection ushered in the Age of Grace and end- ed the Age of Law. His resurrection brought about the reawakening of peoples heart.

He simply demonstrates this by showing us His heart and his work has not left mankind.
His emphasis to us is that we are not alone and need not fear, we can lean on God and if we accept him as our sin offering we could no longer be bound to sin. Bible Study: 1Cor 15:1 – 58

Brethren, the story of Our Lord Jesus did not end at the cross, Jesus Arose, Jesus Lives, Jesus is Alive. Amen

By Nosa Osadolor


Written By Praise

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